It was our president who preferred Michèle BATTUT's exhibition in April and May. Claire HENAULT's intelligent drawings and engravings were equally present. Those who rejoice in the death of the figurative mistake their desire for reality. Michèle (she will let me call her by her name) who is neither impressionist nor realistic, nor again conceptual, escapes from all trends because she could not do otherwise, unless it were to be betraying herself and simply satisfying the taste of certain critics, whose taste, fortunately, is not the same as that of many art lovers.

She knows the skies that Turner would have recognized and that we ourselves thought we knew until she enriched our memory with this new version of what is visible. It is a great gift to give to others to see, it is not an object, it is a skill thanks to which we are led towards the possession of an unknown part of our heritage. Poetry is nothing more than the most rigorous noting down of perceived reality. Do not look further for anything else here, because there really is nothing else to look for.

Philippe Lejeune,
May 1993