It is necessary to be a poet to capture in reality those privileged moments the quality of which leads us to the knowledge of a world, more authentic than the one that appears to us. As poet and painter, Michèle Battut holds the dream thread placed into her hands by fairies, and she takes us to the bottom of the "Caverne" dear Malraux. So many invitations to discover and meditate, so many openings towards a world of dreams and even more dreams, and mirages too, where our dear friend finds new ways to express the persuasive power of her original creations.

She has filled us full of paintings in which everything is touched by the rays of the sun, and then we go on to see the most beautiful harvests, the most beautiful fruits in the world.

She has then turned her gaze towards the actions of men, and this was another matter all together. To a place where everything is organized, regulated and standardized; in this place where boredom is born from monotony, she has chosen those who light up their lives and their actions with that liberty grown from a seed of madness, those for whom "The unreal Realism of Poets" so dear to Cocteau, becomes, an escaping from time and from Cartesian reason, through a joyful combining of lines, shapes and colours an object, a thing, a face lit up with passion.

With her, we follow them to these places, the echoes of their hopes; along these twilight paths, in these deserts, these dead beaches, we see walled houses haunted by remorse, and then we travel through these abandoned cities with their crazy architecture.
Everywhere in such an unusual climate, Michèle Battut has translated them all into works of extreme clarity, with a deliberate art, with the material world exalted by the colours that animate and bring it to life.

Georges Cheyssial,
Artist painter,

Member of the Institute President of the Taylor Foundation