A whole part of art, which is intended to be contemporary, is a reflection of this and seeks only new ways of attacking and traumatizing the spectator.

And yet man, in his depths, hardly changes. It is simply the lighting that each era projects onto him that moves or changes. If there is the worst in man, there is also the best.

Today, like yesterday, tenderness, the emotion provoked by the universe surrounding us, always so full of wonders, to be expressed in a different way, the ability to feel and to love - these things live on in many of our contemporaries despite the oppressive conformism of the times.
It is a great virtue for a young artist to resist the highly profitable temptations of our current anarchy. Michèle Battut has the singular merit of possessing this virtue.
Quite simply, on the margins of prevailing intellectualist theories, she tries to express the awe she feels for the setting in which she lives.

This attentive humility, this tenderness before the most humble of objects, the simplest of landscapes, which were those same landscapes viewed by a man named Chardin, and those of old Corot and anyone who analyses and is moved by our everyday world.
Her painting testifies to this from her very first steps. It is the mark of a rich, sensitive nature that one does not come across so frequently today.

Her hands already know how to translate her emotion without betraying it, and her technique which is in constant progression, shows the skills of a painter with a sharp eye that is gradually becoming more and more refined. Admittedly, the danger of sensitive art is to be that and only that, but Michèle Battut, behind the candid flowers of her clear eyes, hides an already affirmed character and knows how to combine the spirit of finesse in her painting with a discreet spirit of vigour which confers on her work he solidity of a strong underlying geometry, saving her from all blandness.

The future is largely what we make of it. It depends a lot on our choices. You have, dear Michèle Battut, chosen the narrow path of independence and authenticity. May you remain faithful to it throughout your life, it is the only one that will lead you to the complete expression of all that you carry within you.

Chapelain Midy, 
Painter, Illustrator