No woman can lie as well as a painting can. In substance, it is appearance that lies.
Michèle Battut's painting makes the good public believe in a hard and pure hyper-realism. Nothing is more misleading, more distant from a verbatim translation of the visible world.
A false innocent - I know her well ! Michèle Battut, or rather her works, have an inside and an outside. It's this inside-outness that I like. I like the shadows, in this painting full of light; the ambiguities, in what seems an obvious calm.

A painting by Michèle Battut fascinated me. Is it a drinking place from times gone by? Some old metro station? A huge awning unfolds, like an old phonograph pavilion, the colour of a dragonfly's wing; a few chairs awaiting ghosts. Woe to the people taking the waters; woe betide the careless traveller who will never return.

I know a gentleman who had a superb oriental carpet copied in the mosaics at the bottom of his pool. In the places where there are only thirty centimetres of water, the oriental design is clear.... As soon as the depth of the water reaches two or three metres, the drawing blurs into curious phantasmagoria, reflections of precious stones play on the surface, sketching hallucinatory figures.

Ponder Michèle Battut's works and let their unsolved mysteries rise towards you to the surface from the depths.